Hana Yori Dango Episode Summaries

    Episode Title Summary
    1 Declaration of War! Read
    2 No-Brand Woman! Read
    3 I Won't Get Hurt! Read
    4 The Commoner Duo Read
    5 Him, Me, and That Guy Read
    6 One-night Cinderella Read
    7 Night of Love in Atami Read
    8 Nightmare of the New Semester Read
    9 Doumyouji Tsukasa Snaps! Read
    10 The woman who threw it all away! Read
    11 Love Flies High Over the Clouds Read
    12 Date?! Snow on Mainstreet Read
    13 Love's swift development Read
    14 Sakurako's Hidden Secret Read
    15 Get Lost! Read
    16 Believe in Me! Read
    17 Caught at Last Read
    18 Can I Hang Around You? Read
    19 The fluttering bird in my heart. Read
    20 Warm Night of Betrayal Read
    21 The Crime and Punishment of the Kiss Read
    22 First Date at the Seaside Read
    23 Doumyouji Tsubaki comes home! Read
    24 Love's Tempest! Banished from School? Read
    25 The Couple's Different Kinds of Love Read
    26 The Couple's Sleepless Night! Read
    27 Doumyouji Goes to New York! Read
    28 Tsukushi Goes to Canada! Read
    29 His Warmth Read
    30 Wanna be Friends? Read
    31 Shock! The Red Cards Times 2! Read
    32 Doumyouji... don't come? Read
    33 Someday We'll Laugh at This Day Read
    34 This girl is important to me! Read
    35 Love's Escape?! Read
    36 Tsukasa's Mother's Secret Plan Read
    37 Planned Confrontation! Read
    38 I Will Train You! Read
    39 Devil's Triangle Read
    40 The Brink of Love's Withdrawl- Parting of Ways Read
    41 The Beginning of New Days Read
    42 (Battle?) Double Date Read
    43 The Heart's Wounds Intensify Feelings Read
    44 It can't be you! Read
    45 Be Honest, Won't You? Read
    46 Within the Approaching Hurricane! (?) Read
    47 Exchange Student- Shigeru's Ripple! (?) Read
    48 Off to Study Abroad !? Read
    49 The Couple's New Connection Read
    50 We Shouldn't See Each Other Anymore Read
    51 Neverending Read
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